Piano starting at age 3
Flute starting at age 10
Voice starting at age 9


Students have a lesson book that teaches the basics of music and their instrument, and they also learn songs by ear and rote, improvisation, jazz and blues, and chords so students can play and sing. These are high impact skills so students feel confident sitting down at a piano at school or at a family gathering and playing a song everyone can sing with, for example. 

One thing about piano lessons in particular, is that it can be a lonely pursuit. Kids are generally pretty social, and music is meant to be shared with people. For those two reasons (and many more), I offer group lessons by age group. 


Ideally, students have a weekly private lesson with me and also a weekly 45 minute group lesson where we can focus on a concepts like music theory, music history, rhythm, key signatures, or composing. These concepts are much more interesting when approached in a group setting. We also just don’t have adequate time to spend on these concepts during private lessons, and I KNOW these deeper understandings will contribute to faster music learning, more enjoyable connections with the music, and a knowledge that will span across instruments and musical genres. 

The private lessons are still important because those are tailored to the student’s unique abilities and progress on their instrument. We can also explore individual interests, strengthen certain skills, troubleshoot, and tailor practice approaches to the student’s life.

I have private lesson-only options, and group-only options (space available because private lesson students get first dibs).

I realize this is a commitment to bring your kids to Douglas twice a week, but like soccer practice or gymnastics, the more guidance and exposure they get, the more successful they will be. This model makes sense to me so that the concepts are reinforced, re-imagined, and the kids can really know their musical craft. 


I have about 30 students each week, ranging from 3 to 75 years old. We have famous studio-wide practice incentives, wacky recitals, and jelly bean music theory games. Add in some deeper connections with other musicians, opportunities for ensemble playing, and up the creativity factor, and this is the vision for Impassion Music Studio. A lesson with Sandy is a safe space for taking risks, self-expression, getting silly, serious learning, and cultivating a passion for music that lasts a lifetime. 

Thank you for trusting me with your child’s music education. I truly love what I do and I look forward to growing alongside each and every student. 


Sandy Fortier

Now taking new students for summer lessons. Summer dates June 3-August 9.

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